Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Under Pressure

Sorry I have not been blogging lately, I know it may seem like its a habit but I would like to tell you what is going on right now in my life. This month I am under a lot of pressure, in 21 days I will have the opportunity to sit in a room with a man I have not been in the same room with in 19 years. This hardship has distracted me and is making me feel like I need to disconnect myself and fully rely on God for guidance, wisdom and his knowledge for this situation. Advice will be great! What do you say to the man who tried to kill you? what do you say to keep him locked away so you can sleep silently at night and not awake from another nightmare? God is my shelter and cradle.


  1. Hi Brryan! I've been your fan ever since I one day stumbled upon on your life story while watching the news one day. Anyways, the situation you are faced with is too difficult for anyone to face. I wish you and your family the best of luck. Whatever you do, make sure he doesn't get the best out of you. Keep strong and I look forward to hearing more from you:). You have my support.
    二コ, DC

  2. We in the nursing program have discussed your situation periodically. Remember he has not been there for 19 years, you have accomplished sooooo much and become a wonderful young man, without him. You are going there for you I hope and not for him so say what you feel, say what you need to say, and he only gets in if you let him. Hope this helps I will pray for you and for guidance for you in this hard road you live.

  3. I was just reading through this and I am a little curious as to what happened? My advice, Karma. If you are worried the person will get out and try to hurt you again, file for a restraining order. You referenced to god in you blog, so I would assume god will be there for you. I wouldn't say disconnect yourself. Friends and family are there to help you through these kinds of hard times.